Himmat Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Himmat joined the Circle of Life Home Care Companies in Jan 2017 and beings a strong leadership and senior management track record, which will help propel our firm to the next level of growth and evolution. Through various functions in companies across the US and globally, Himmat has developed expertise in sales, business development, strategy and general management. Among the positions, he has held in both large and small companies in different industries, are CEO of a Chemicals Company, CIO of an Integrated Glass Manufacturing Firm, Director Strategy & Business Development for a Software firm built through strategic acquisitions, and VP, Corporate Finance of a Real Estate Developer.

In a turnaround experience, Himmat grew an effectively bankrupt $3 million firm and almost doubled sales in less than a year by focusing on the basics and ensuring his employees and customers interests were aligned. His management skills have evolved from the variety of roles in his career and above all he believes motivated and satisfied stakeholders, particularly employees, customers and suppliers, help make good companies great. Himmat received a BBA degree from The George Washington University in Finance and a MBA degree in Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Colleen Williams

Senior VP

I’m Colleen, a Leech Lake band of Ojibwe tribal member. I started working with Circle of Life Anishinaabe in 2007 when we first opened our doors. I have over 40 years of experience in customer service management and have operated my own retail business. All of these experiences prepared me for the role of Senior Vice President for Circle of Life.

After retiring from my business, I agreed to answer phones part time for Circle of Life. It did not take long to discover, though, that the need was much greater than we had anticipated. Soon enough, I was working 10-12 hour days, six days per week. My three children were away at college, so the timing was perfect; I devoted all of my energy to Circle of Life. Since then, we have expanded nationally with 22 different locations. I have traveled extensively and have had the privilege of getting to know many different Native American cultures and tribes. Making a difference in the lives of others has been the highlight of this incredible journey.

Samuel "Rocky" Papasodora

Executive Director

My name is Samuel “Rocky” Papasodora, I am an enrolled Tribal Member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe (LLBO) located in northern Minnesota. I attended Bemidji State University with “Criminal Justice” as my course of study. I graduated from the United States Indian Police Academy and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) and worked for a Minnesota County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy Sheriff/Criminal Investigator, Minneapolis Police Department as a Patrol Officer and Director of Public Safety overseeing (LLBO) first Tribal Police Department.

My working career involves serving as the Director of Investigations for the Leech Lake Gaming Regulatory Board overseeing a staff of 264 officers (Security, Surveillance and Investigations) serving three casinos. I have been on the Board of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Tribal School "Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig" for sixteen (16) years. My career includes twenty-five years of protecting the integrity of Indian Gaming serving as Director of Investigations for the Leech Lake Gaming Regulatory Board, overseeing casino security, surveillance and investigations units. I am the founding Chairman of the Minnesota Casino Intelligence Unit (MCIU) and the Tribal Gaming Protection Network under the auspice of the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) working with Tribal Gaming Commissions and Security Divisions nationwide.

I have an interest in “Boxing” having boxed during the early years of my life and served as a committee member of the Native American Tribal Combative Sports Council and in recent years worked many boxing events as a judge officiating both amateur and professional bouts, my brother Scott “the Italian Silencer” Papasodora was a professional prize fighter having his greatest fight in Canada defeating Wilfred Benitez a three-time world champion.

Bob Yager

Program Director

I started with Circle of Life Home Care in June of 2012 with a desire to change my life’s path and to take the opportunity in assisting Circle of Life Home Care in bringing home care services to the numerous people in communities throughout the country that are in such need.

I bring many years of management and customer service skills. I worked from 1989 to 2001 for Video Update, a national movie rental chain. With Video Update I worked as a franchise owner and a Regional VP of Operations. During this time revenues rose from 5 million per year to 300 million per year and our store count rose from 30 to 650. From 2002 to 2012 I worked with Sears, a national retail chain as an Operations Manager in their Full Line Stores and as Store Manager of their new “Home Appliance Showroom” format, opening 4 new locations in the Twin Cities area.

As a husband, father and now a new grandfather, I look forward to the journey of “Honoring Those We Serve” and working with people within the wonderful communities we serve.

Cindi Shubert

Payroll Director

Boozhoo and Aaniin, those words are Hello, Hi in Chippewa Language.
A short introduction of myself and my work at Circle of Life Home Care Anishinaabe(Anishinaabe means “Indian people” or “Original people” in Chippewa/Ojibwe language). My ancestors are from Leech Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota and are part of the Sturgeon Clan. I am also a tribal member there. I have been tracing the elders in my family for a number of years, doing Genealogy Research and have been fairly successful, going back as far as 1846.

After I retired from a large urban school district as secretary to the principal. I subbed in two different school districts, having summers off & enjoying myself. Then I was asked to work for circle of life. In the office because I had 20 years’ experience in the field. I started working for Circle of Life Home Care Anishinaabe in the early Fall of 2007. Since November of 2007 we paired up with Wells Fargo as our payroll provider for their services. Since then, I have been the Administrator of Payroll for Circle of Life Anishinaabe, Circle of Life Kola and Soaring Eagles Homecare. We currently serve 17 offices in 6 different states, soon to be 7. We offer a weekly payroll to better serve our native population. Many clients and caregivers(PCA) live in remote regions on the reservation and it is too long of an interval to wait two weeks. The weekly payroll enables them to better care for their family increasing their quality of life. This position has offered me a vast display of Indian Culture in so many parts of the United States. I enjoy working with our Northern and Southwestern offices and getting to know them and of course our caregivers and their native customs.

Mike Yager

Manager IT & Operations

Mike started working for Circle of Life as a master brochure folder in February of 2005. Over the years, he has seen many changes and held various positions within the company. He has had the fortunate opportunity to grow not only professionally but personally as well. Having helped open new offices in the communities we serve and living near the Navajo Nation, he has come to appreciate a better understanding of just how needed our services are. My favorite day of the week has always been Friday when getting to see the smiling faces of caregivers picking up their paychecks. We have made such a positive difference in the lives of so many, this is something we should not forget to be proud of. His current duties with Circle of Life include but are not limited to: IT infrastructure, claims assessment, and supply ordering. Prior to working with Circle of Life Mike lived in North Carolina for twenty years and worked as a meat cutter for a large grocery store chain for several years, and as a draftsman for a German company that built car motors for the automotive industry. When not at work he enjoys reading fiction books, cooking, gardening, hiking, and bike riding the desert trails in Phoenix.

Anita Emerson

Regional Manager – New Mexico

I have 3 daughters Anne, Deborah, and Aprell and 9 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Three son in-law Nelson, Jeff and Phil. My husband is Ray Emerson whom I met in 1970 and we got married November 19, 1979. I love and cherish my family.

I have been with Soaring Eagles Home Care since June 2007. I’ve had extraordinary, exciting, awesome, hilarious, sad, and wonderful experience working for Soaring Eagles Home Care. It has been a long journey and I’ve had to replace my moccasin many times. I realized that it can be difficult dealing with many consumers and caregivers. I once was told by Pat Yager, CEO/Founder that when you grow large you will encounter more problems along the way. She is absolutely correct. Taking care of elders is a job many people don’t want to do but you and I have taken the challenge to care for our elders in their own home and I believe that we are blessed to be in this business. If you think about it who else is going to take care of them. We get so used to some of the elders and when they are deceased tears are shed, our hearts are heavy until the next sunrise. I know I will never take this job for granted. Thank you for letting me share my short story with you. There is a quote that goes like this: “Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his moccasins.” I am privileged to be a part of Soaring Eagles Home Care.

Lorita George

Regional Manager – Arizona

Hello, my name is Lorita George and I am the Regional Manager for Arizona. I started off as the Phoenix Corporate Office Coordinator and continue to manage our Phoenix office. I am Kiyaa'aanii (Towering House) clan, and born for the Tabaaha (Water’s Edge) clan. My maternal grandparents are Todich'ii'nii (Bitter Water) clan, and my paternal grandparents are Tsenjikini (Honey Combed Rock People) clan.

My educational background and experience after High School was spent studying and working towards my goal to enter Medical School. My work experience has been in the Behavioral Health and General Healthcare for the past 27 years. In 2012, my father appointed me to be his caregiver and POA after a serious injury from a fall. My life as it was then, was altered and I did what had to be done, “Honor my father”. As a caregiver for my own family member, I witnessed and experienced firsthand, the overlooked and neglected issues that face the elderlies and disabled within their home and daily living needs. Enrolling my father with Soaring Eagles Home Care allowed me to be a part of my father’s care daily, and serve as an advocate for him.

This is a small part of my story of who I am and how I came to be a part of Soaring Eagles and my role "Honoring Those We Serve".

Jackie Jordan

Head Registered Nurse – Minnesota

I joined the COLHCA team in the Cass Lake office in March 2006. I continued to expand my work into the surrounding areas. I assisted with starting the office in Deer River in June 2008. I traveled between the Cass and Deer River offices until one year later, the office had grown enough in which I became the full-time Deer River nurse. Today I continue to be the nurse along with assisting in collaboration with the nurses in the surrounding offices. I am very dedicated and enjoy working with our staff and clients throughout the agency as we together “Honor Those We Serve”. When I am away from work, I love to spend time with my family bike riding, fishing, camping, going to parks, or simply staying home watching and playing together with my children.

Molly Montana

Corporate Client Coordinator

I have worked for COLHCA since almost the beginning. I have been here for 9+ years. I started off as the Metro office receptionist in February 2008. Since then I have worked my way up to be the Corporate Client Coordinator. I am originally from Rapid City, South Dakota. I am enrolled at the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. I have 2 children, Sophie is 7 and Colt just turned 4, and I recently became engaged in December to my now fiancé Sean Stout. Circle of Life has been a blessing to me. I was given the opportunity to help our people and I do not take this for granted. It is a privilege to work for such a wonderful company. I feel as if we are making a difference in Native Country and it is an Honor to work side by side with all of you.

Danielle Long Crow

Corporate PCA Coordinator

My name is Danielle Long Crow and I am originally from Winner, a very small town in south central South Dakota. I come from the Sicangu Lakota Oyate aka the Burn Thigh Nation in Rosebud, SD. My mother left South Dakota for school and did not look back. My family has been in Minnesota since 1990, it was just meant to be that we settle and flourish here. I have been with my hubby, Leo, for 19 years, this year (2017). We have a beautiful, intelligent 14-year-old daughter, Isabel, who is getting ready for high school this coming year. I feel very blessed with where we are in life, we are very fortunate! I have been with Circle of Life since November 2014. I love it! I live for the people we serve, so I feel very good about what we are doing for our community!